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Ideas Space
Goldmine is a creative place with a focus on:

• Enterprise/Innovation
• Education/learning
• Performance
• Play

Social Innovation
The Vine Trust Group is best described as a Community Development Trust that is actively engaged in economic, environmental and social regeneration. The organisation is structured to run an inclusive mix of services and facilities, which respond to the needs of the communities in which we serve, with the Christian Ethos as the cornerstone behind all activity.

Our projects include: property development, managed workspace, community businesses, arts programmes, sports and leisure facilities, retail and market space, town centre management, building restoration, environmental improvement, community transport, education work.

We welcome an eclectic mix of people who will create innovative schemes to tackle some of society's challenges. The Vine Trust's vision is for Goldmine to become a real community of creative activities and enterprises, providing young people with a invaluable experience of linking learning with business and community. Goldmine spaces provide the ideal combination to achieve this.

Learning Space

Goldmine is home to the Walsall Studio School an innovative and exciting new form of school for children between 14 and 19 years old.

"Our school will be entrepreneurial and innovative, located in new, purpose built accommodation in the centre of Walsall. We will offer a personalised educational experience to all of our students in a family environment where personal discipline, respect and care for others, the community and the environment is paramount. We will never allow our staff or students to settle for mediocrity, just enough isn’t an option!

We will provide a high quality education that is rigorous, challenging and lifts the individual to the highest achievable level. The most unique and distinctive element will be paid work experience opportunities for those over 18, made possible through Vine Social Enterprises. This will give young people valuable employability skills and real experience of the working environment as well as small amount of income."

To learn more from the Studio School web site: